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• What is biomass?
• Chemical and physical properties
• Biomass and energy – thermal conversion to heat and electricity or syngas and hydrolysis/bioprocesses to liquid and gaseous fuels
• Biomass resources and production
• Biomass to electricity
• Biomass to biofuels and hydrogen
– Grain versus residual lignin-cellulosic feed stocks
– Gasification, hydrolysis, bioconversion processes
• Biorefineries employing modern biotechnology


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  1. I read the MIT Biomass Energy Lecture 2005. I noted the Asian tea pot shaped in the ground digesters produced more than 30 years ago along with Dr. Ram Bux Singh’s in the ground digester. What I did not see was L. John Fry’s slit trench bladder lined digester. Nor was any mention made of these pioneers. My overall impression is this document is looking for more grant money which could be the reason MIT skipped the accurate history of the American Digester System in the USA.

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