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ERK5 – CT – 1999 – 0004



This is the final report of the STRAWGAS-project “Straw gasification for co-combustion in large CHP-plants”. The report covers process validation of the gasification and gas cleaning tests that were carried out in 2000 and the design study of a 100 MWth gasifier. Process validation and design study covers gasification of 100% straw and a fuel mix of straw and wood.

The project partners Foster Wheeler Energia Oy and ENERGI E2 A/S (former Elkraft Power Company) have executed the major part of the project with VTT Energy (Finland) and TK energi (Denmark) as valuable sub-suppliers. The project has received substantial economical support from the European Commission.

The experimental research consisted of 3 main tasks:

• The capability of the developed feeding system to feed loose straw into the gasifier
• The optimal process conditions and additives for gasifying loose straw
• The capability of the selected gas cleaning system to make the gas suitable for cocombustion
in large CHP-plants

In the design study a full-scale straw gasification plant of 100 MWth and the integration with an existing large CHP plant was investigated. The practical solutions of all unit operations
were developed. The budget for a complete plant was calculated and consequently the overall project economy was assessed. The result of the process validation and design
study can be the technical and economical basis for a decision to built a demonstration plant.

This project was carried out in the period from April 2000 to May 2001.



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One Comment

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam:,
    We would like to establish a Project which could Produce 100 MW of Electricity and 15,000 to 20,000 Straw Gass Cylinders per Annum in different parts of Nepal. This project is very much suitable in Nepal, because Nepal is a Land Locked Coutry without having any Pertoleum Products of its own. Nepal is rich in Rivers where as Production of Hydroelectric Power is very much difficult because of requirement of huge fund for the development. But this type of “Straw Gasification Project” with Multi Purpose usage could meet the required need of Petroleum Products as well as having the benefit of Production of Electricity too. We have the fund for the establishment of the said Project in Nepal. We were looking forward to produce 100 MW Electricity and at the same time production of (Minimum) 15,000 to 20,000 Straw Gas Cylinders every year. We were looking for this type of Project establishment in Nepal since very long time. But we could not get any contact or address for the query. While we went through your website we found that, you could guide us in establishing the said project in Nepal. Nepal being a Land Locked Country with Agro based Cultivation through out the year, we hope there are surplus of Raw Materials like; Straw to meet the requirement of said project. We would like to request you to co-operate with us in establishing the said project in Nepal as earlier as possible. We wish; if the fund is not required in huge amount, we could go for 3 to 4 similar projects establishment in different parts of Nepal.
    Therefore; we need your valuable suggestion and the project details at your very earliest, so that we may not delay in establishing the same as said above. We also need the machinery details and where about finding the details of the same from your end. We hope you would kindly co-operate us for the said project development in Nepal.

    Looking forward to your valuable suggestion along with your positive response at this end.

    With best regards.

    Yours truly

    Kishor Shahi
    Harati Tea Estate Pvt Ltd
    Kathmandu- Dhankuta
    Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel. NO: 00977-1-4240680
    Fax NO: 00977-1-4238046

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