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Biodiesel Production Technology


August 2002–January 2004

J. Van Gerpen, B. Shanks, and R. Pruszko, D. Clements, G. Knothe

 National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Biodiesel Production Technology


1. Basics of Biodiesel Production

2. Basic Organic Chemistry

3. Biodiesel Specifications and Properties

 Biodiesel Production Processes

4. Types of Biodiesel Production

5. Basic Plant Equipment and Operation

6. Chemical Plant Controls

7. Pretreatment of High Free Fatty Acid Feedstocks

8. Patent Discussion

9. Patent List for Biodiesel

10. Post Reaction Processing

11. Treatment and Recovery of Side

 Biodiesel Plant Logistics

12. Feedstock Preparation

13. Feedstock Quality Issues

14. Plant Safety

15. Biodiesel Transportation and Storage

16. Product Quality


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